Ambrogio Lorenzetti in the World of Figurines

Ambrogio Lorenzetti in the World of Figurines Ingrandisci

Autore: Illustrazioni di Elena P. e testi di Raffaele Moretti

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  • Autore: Elena P. e Raffaele Moretti
  • Anno: 2017
  • Formato: 23x21
  • Pagine: 72
  • ISBN: 9788 8 7145 370 5

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If one passes one’s time doing serious (and sometimes rather boring) things, and reserving just a few hours each day to spend in the World of Figurines, it’s easy to let one’s imagination carry oneself away when there.
Thus the Illustrator, who quickly recognized her natural tendency to favor her childish side, asked the Narrator to help reestablish a bit of order and seriousness. 
Although the Narrator’s role required him to do so by contract, it was not to be: in addition to arranging the events of the story as he pleased, he led imaginary raids into the artworks with the Puppets, composing little rhymes for them in three languages, sometimes accompanying them on his guitar. 
Then there was a meeting of the World of Figurines Writing Committee, during which the Illustrator and the Narrator agreed to leave serious subjects like the complex chronologies of the work of the great Sienese painter Ambrogio Lorenzetti to catalogues, and stick to the imaginary (really, their mutual desire for amusement sometimes almost makes it seem that they are related). The Editor declared herself in agreement, and simply said “I’ll play, too”; her inseparable poodle (Little White) added “Rrrufff,” which was understood to mean “And me, too!”
And it has been such good fun – a bit of play never hurt anyone! 
This little book is for:
¡ imaginative children (being imaginative is their nature);
¡ imaginative – and not merely digitally-connected – young people;
¡ adults of all sizes and types, as long as they are imaginative and not too boring, including imaginative art historians. In short, nearly everyone.
P.S. The setting is Siena, the city of Ambrogio Lorenzetti.
  • Autore Elena P. e Raffaele Moretti
  • Anno 2017
  • Formato 23x21
  • Pagine 72
  • ISBN 9788 8 7145 370 5