The Finn, the Fortress and the Old City

The Finn, the Fortress and the Old City Ingrandisci

Alvar Aalto's design for a Cultural Centre in Siena

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  • Autore: Szymon Ruszczewski
  • Anno: 2017
  • Formato: 21x30
  • Pagine: 136
  • ISBN: 9788 8 7145 372 9

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The first and complete study on Alvar Aalto’s unbuilt design for a cultural centre in Siena (1966)

A magnificent complex was to be built inside the city fortress, atop of a hill overlooking the city centre and the surrounding Tuscan countryside. This research is based on the archive materials both in Italy and in Finland, on direct testimonies of people involved in the history of the design and on the critical analysis of the design. It shows the peculiar bond established between Alvar Aalto and Siena, its architecture and its monuments that may be seen in his works, the turbulent history of the design for a cultural centre in Siena and its heritage for Siena. A series of previously unpublished drawings and exclusive interviews make this book an interesting journey into Alvar Aalto’s fascination with Tuscany and Siena.

Szymon Ruszczewski is a young architect and a researcher in modern architecture in Florence, Italy. After his first study on Alvar Aalto’s design for Siena concluding his Master at the University of Florence, his research on Aalto’s connections to Italy and Tuscany was presented at various conferences in Italy, Poland and Finland. He still participates in various activities organised by Alvar Aalto Foundation. His interests lie in the relationship between the heritage of modern architecture and the present-day reality. This publication comprehends his entire research on Alvar Aalto’s connection to Siena.

  • Autore Szymon Ruszczewski
  • Anno 2017
  • Formato 21x30
  • Pagine 136
  • ISBN 9788 8 7145 372 9