Magica Etruria

Magica Etruria Ingrandisci

Volterra, Arezzo, Cortona and Chiusi

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  • Autore: Mario Bizzarri
  • Anno: 2016
  • Formato: 14x21
  • Pagine: 48
  • ISBN: 9788-7145-359-0

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Generally the preface of every book is a sort of calling card

telling the reader what it is. This preface however, and not

simply in an attempt to be different, tells the reader what it is not,

so that he will know in advance what to expect.

This book is not a treatise on Etruscology. There are already so

many around and most of them so authoritative that one could

hardly presume to say anything new. Nor is it a detailed handbook

on Etruscan antiquities. An exhaustive book of this sort

would be so much larger and would satisfy specialists but would

run the risk of boring the amateur archaeologist. Lastly this book

is not a complete itinerary of the places in Etruria a reader might

wish to use as a vade mecum or handbook in touring the region.

What then is this book? It is simply a sort of capricious wandering

through the dead and living cities of Etruria, calling forth

from the one and the other a confirmation of the permanent validity

of an intimate dialogue between the human spirit and what

remains of that antique world.

The dialogue takes shape once and again in concrete scientific

data or fleeting impressions. This alternation of factual elements

and moods, rigorous reconstructions of the mind and enchanted

secret reminiscences gives us the magical sense of this Etruria. The

accompanying photographs focus on the aspects of this harsh and

gentle, desolate and imposing land.

The image that comes to the fore is, we believe, that of an Etruria

as we “felt” it, undoubtedly a less well-known and less conventional

image that could be described in a hundred other ways,

all different yet all just as real. At the end we realize that what

was to be a journey like so many others, has become replete with

unexpected meanings and symbols, tacit questions and mysterious

answers, an almost miraculous diversion. The real protagonist,

reflecting the eternal ambiguous mutability of the human

soul, is the landscape of Etruria

  • Autore Mario Bizzarri
  • Anno 2016
  • Formato 14x21
  • Pagine 48
  • ISBN 9788-7145-359-0