Etruscan Places

Etruscan Places Ingrandisci
  • Autore: D.H. Lawrence with a Foreword by Massimo Pallottino
  • Anno: 1997
  • Formato: 14 x 21 cm.
  • Pagine: 180 p., ill.
  • ISBN: 88-7145-080-9

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The Etruscans, as everyone knows, were the people who occupied the middle of Italy in early Roman days and whom the Romans, in their usual neighbourly fashion, wiped out entirely to make room for Rome with a very big R. They couldn't trave wiped them all out, there were too many of them. But they did wiped out the Etruscan existence as a nation and a people. However, this seems to be the inevitable result of expansion with a big E, which is the sole raison d'etre of people like the Romans.

Now, we know nothing about the Etruscans except what we find in their tombe. There are references to them in Latin writers. But of first hand knowledge we trave nothing except what the tombs offer.

So to the tombs we must go: or the museums containing the things that trave been rifled from the tombe.

Myself, the first time I consciously saw Etruscan things, in the museum at Perugia, I was instinctively attracted to them. And it seems to be that way. Either there is instant sympathy, or instant contempt and indifference. Most people despise everything B.C. that isn't Greek, for the good reason that it ought to be Greek if it isn't. So Etruscan things are put down as a feeble Graeco Roman imitation. And a great scientific historian like Mommsen hardly allows that the Etruscans existed at all. Their existence was antipathetic to him. The Prussian in him was enthralled by the Prussian in the all conquering Romans. So being a great scientific historian, he almost denies the very existence of the Etruscan people. He didn't like the idea of them.

  • Autore D.H. Lawrence with a Foreword by Massimo Pallottino
  • Anno 1997
  • Formato 14 x 21 cm.
  • Pagine 180 p., ill.
  • ISBN 88-7145-080-9